ANTHEM is coming, chapter 9

ANTHEM, Book 3 of the Sixties Trilogy, publishes on October 1. Each of the book's 47 chapters begins with a song from the Sixties to set the tone, mood, and scene. Every day between now and October 1, come have a listen and read a snippet from each chapter.

This is Chapter 9 (day 39):

Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Performed by the Beatles
Recorded at EMI/Abbey Road Studios, London, England, 1967
Drummer: Ringo Starr

The girl rapped her wooden spoon on top of the pot, laid it across the lid, and looked Molly square in the face. She had brilliant blue eyes. Norman stared at her and swallowed.
"My name is Lucy," she announced.
"Lucy who?"
"Lucy Inthesky."
"Inthesky?" Molly sounded out this strange last name in her head. Inthesky.
"With Diamonds," the girl finished.
Molly's eyebrows arched in astonishment, then sank to murderous levels. "Are you kidding me?" She put her hands on her hips and leaned in. "Listen, sister..."
"Oh, brother," said Norman. He gave his head a brisk shake to break the spell he'd been under. "I'll go check on them."
A warble came from the top of the wide staircase by the front door.
"Norman! Is that you, dear?"

I laugh every time I read this passage. hahahaha. This entire Atlanta section of Norman and Molly's trip makes me smile. It's such a trip for them, and for me as a writer. It was probably the most fun to write, although there are lots of places and people who were fun to write about. 

This is where I started thinking of the story as a sort of Forrest Gump for young readers. And this album cover is the one I've shown to students in schools for many years now, when I tell them about how much I loved the Beatles, how I loved them with abandon, even when they got older and "went around the bend," because I got older, too, and I, too, went "around the bend" for a while. :> 

But that's a story for another time. 

Chapter 9, in Atlanta, with the kooky maiden aunts.... and a few other colorful humans.


  1. Must say this month has been fun following your walk through the chapters of the new book. The music is just fun. It takes me on my own journey through the past. Excited to read this new book. Thanks!

    1. Joanne, you are welcome! Thanks for coming along.


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