eclectic sunday mix

Stories here and there this week and weekend. Family for supper and music. This photo is also an excuse to show off my bird tree in the background. Found this in Virginia Highlands, bought it from a guy selling it on a corner, and brought it home. It will be my Christmas tree this year.
Found this, too. She needs a name. Hmmmmm?
View from my kitchen window.
Vespas lined up in Cabbagetown, a cool former mill-town neighborhood in Atlanta.
Where the Vespa owners went:
The fourth annual Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp. Somehow we threaded through the crowd to the main stage to hear The Dappled Grays (which was why we came):
They sang "Autumn Leaves" and this couple danced. (Note they are actually a threesome):
The crowd was so immense, and we didn't have a rooftop to sit on:
So... after-while we mosied the ten blocks to our car. Passed this old shotgun house:
And, after all those photos of community, here's the one I love best:
These are eggs from Allison Adams's girls. They are sitting on a 49-cent Ikea cotton dish towel. I'm about to put the hand gathered eggs from a new friend into an old RevereWare pan that has the dents and hues of decades past in it -- it belonged to my mother. I love it when the past and the present come together like this, when stories blend, and something new is created. A new memory. New connections. Community.

Allison's new blog, The Southern Urban Homestead, is a must-read. I recommend subbing. Good writing, keen sensibilities, a smart and tender heart, a talented musician, and a search for balance in the city, while nurturing chickens, a garden, and friends. Thanks, Allison.

I'm off to make a soothing, fresh (with homemade mayo) egg salad for lunch today. What about you? What's happening at your homestead today? How are you looking for balance? How are you blending the past with the present, as you create your future?

Perhaps a few photos are in order, or a few words in your notebook, to remind you of these days, after the leaves have fallen and cold winter has come.

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