permissions and the heart's desire

Wow! Thanks for all the passionate opinions about Jim's new album cover possibilities. Everything from "pick up that red line in #5 and make the print that same color" to "#9, because there's a sweet little boy vulnerability to the back of his neck, like he's working a puzzle."

Y'all are good writers. And thinkers. Thanks for playing. We'll let you know how we proceed, although by far #6 got the most votes here at the Pomegranate.

Next: Novel permissions. Every song, photo, clipping, and sketch has an owner (save what's in the public domain). Sometimes more than one owner. And every one of those owners gets to set a price for giving us permission to use his or her song or photo, in the new novel.

We have a very generous permissions budget for the new novel, but now that permissions are almost all in, we can see that this budget is not going to get us everything we want to use. Time to think hard about what we can keep and what needs to go.

This is like cutting up your perfectly-formed baby.... what arm can you live without? What leg? How can I patch that baby back together to be almost as good as new? Or even better? Time for creative thinking and a new work-around for the song lyrics particularly.

I slept on this last night, and I think I have at least a partial solution. So here I go to the drawing board to see what it may look like. And... lesson learned. I have two more books to finish in this trilogy. They will all follow this format, very heavy on visuals.

What I have learned through this is that I do have control of what images and songs I select, so I will keep that in mind, going forward. Meaning... with this novel, I chose my heart's desire. Now I know what my heart's desire costs me.

Sounds like life, doesn't it?

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