the mechanicals are here

Here it is. Thanks so much for all your opinions. We've got the mechanicals! I'm reproducing them here, but keep in mind that the color is a bit washed out in these photos -- the final product will be deep and rich and layered and... all that jazz. :>
When you open the CD package, this will be inside the front cover:
This will be opposite it, inside the back cover, and under the cd tray:
This is the back cover:

And -- ta da!

The front cover:

We loved all your input, and we can't wait to hold the actual CD in our hands. It's the best yet, full of surprises and outstanding jazz compositions played by world-class musicians... we're thrilled to be THIS CLOSE to release!

January. That's when you can get hold of your own copy. Details to come about a CD release party/concert for Jim Pearce's latest masterpiece, coming to a theater near you, especially if you live in Atlanta. Thanks, all, for your enthusiasm and support!

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  1. It's beautiful! Turned out really well. I really like the color pic of Jim looking up from the inside cd tray. Can't wait to have one of my very own.


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