it is finished

Dear Alan Smagler: We have never met, but you wrote me the most wonderful, heartfelt letter 21 months ago when Scholastic acquired "The Sixties Trilogy:Three Novels of the 1960s for Young Readers."

Last night I finished the last-gasp refashioning of the scrapbooks for book one, which we have titled Countdown, and which will be published in May 2010. I clicked and sent the whole shebang back to my editor, David Levithan, and sat back, dazed at what we had created -- a documentary novel, maybe the first of its kind.

Then I looked at the pile of homemade cards that Scholastic sent me, lo these many months ago (and which has kept me company for almost two years), and pulled randomly from that pile of lovely cards, your note. I read it again. I got teary. Thank you, and thank you to everyone at Scholastic, for your amazing support. It is finished.


  1. merci beaucoup. It is a mutual admiration society. :>

  2. I am dying to read the book! Got an Aussie release date?

  3. Thanks, Judith. Dunno about an Aussie release date yet, haven't heard, but you'll be sure to hear it here, when I know.


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