scrapbooks sneak peek!

It arrived! It's here! The scrapbook page proofs. And sssshhhhh! Here's a few pages, just for y'all. Isn't this amazing? Tell me it's amazing. Tell me how fantastic it is. Tell me you can't wait to read it. Tell me you are as totally blown over as I am. I can't stop smiling and turning the pages.
I love it so much I can hardly stand it. Thank you, Scholastic -- what a fabulous book we are making together.

It's one thing to see, embedded in the manuscript (by moi), the art I chose for the scrapbooks -- the photos, lyrics, ads, news items. It's quite another to see these elements designed so boldly and beautifully by the fabulous Phil Falco. I'll walk around all weekend thinking about this design and whispering "Eeeeeeeeeee!" under my breath, knowing I've got hold of a delicious little secret. A little secret I've shared with you. Thanks for being as excited about it as I am. :>

Eeeeeeeee! And happy weekend!


  1. Deborah! Just beautiful. I can't wait. I really, really can't wait! And I do want to tell you, I host a crew of compromised readers who have never loved to read. But this year? I introduced them to your wonderful characters...and you have swept them off their feet, girl! They love their Ruby Lavender, that's for sure!

  2. I am really looking forward to seeing the scrapbook elements integrated into the novel. I love, love the concept and I know it'll be fantastic.

  3. Any news of an Australian publication? If not, I'll make sure to order a copy from the US.

  4. No Austrailian news yet, my dear. I'm quite sure you are on my arc list! Send me an address to be more than quite-sure... xo

  5. Thanks so much, Sarah and Gael. Gael, I love that your students love Ruby!


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