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It's back to the fire, the pink chair, the books to help me with research, and the deadline to keep me motivated. I want a revised draft of book two of the Sixties Trilogy -- 1966 -- by March 1. Oy vey. It can be done... but oh, how MUCH there is to do.
So, of course, in honor of the way I've worked in the past, I'm creating a bit of havoc and having all my interior doors replaced this week. Wheee! Bought glass door knobs today, and have watched the five-panel doors go up up up -- what a difference a solid-core door makes. I work here, Jim works here, so there is always music and typing and story-making going on. Now we'll have quieter sanctuaries in which to work (or sleep) when we need them, although we do enjoy the noises of creativity around us.

And I may just go to Panera to work, some, until the beautiful doors are finished. But not tomorrow. It's supposed to be snowy in Hotlanta tomorrow, with temps into the teens. Bring it on! We know how to stay toasty.

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  1. Your pink chair looks so cozy. I have an old blue chair in my library that's so comfy to sit and read/write in; I don't even mind the foam inching out around the edges.


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