back to work: 1966

Thanks, Allison, for this good book, written by a masterful writer, Bobbie Ann Mason. I'm having trouble putting the book down in order to write... but since my next book takes place in 1966 and features Elvis (or a fervent hope for him, anyway), I'm chalking up this morning to research.
Friends, here-it-is-about-to-be: the Elvis book. Not Bobbie Ann's, but mine. Y'all have heard me bend your ear about this book for literally YEARS. Now.... all that's left is to write it. HA! Or revise and rewrite. Lots of rewriting will take place. Lots of revision. And I'll chronicle it here, as book two of the sixties trilogy gets underway, full steam. I've had a couple of.. um.. unterruptions... mostly involving putting book one to rollicking bed, but now I'm back at my desk.

I have ten days before the next travels. That's plenty of time to be immersed and making good progress, so that I can take the book on the road with me. Then it will be hotel/airport/pre-dawn writing time.

So this next ten days is about diving to the deepest place I can touch and swimming along the ocean floor of this story, mapping out a terrain that I can traverse while traveling. I love this part -- everything is unknown; all is known. It's a matter of bringing it to the surface.

Happy Weekend!


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