first things first

Home, home, home. Home to ARCs of Countdown -- so lovely! Home to sleeping like the dead, reconnecting with family, and comfort food.
This time I added a sorghum and melted butter drizzle to the mix, sprinkled everything liberally with kosher salt and cracked pepper, added a half-cup of water, and slipped it all into the oven. I set a pot of grains to gently boil -- brown and wild rices, millet, barley, and some French lentils. Now for a bath while my dinner cooks.

After my soak in the deep tub, I will be more human. I'll sit and savor this gorgeous galley, listen to my daughter's entertaining stories of what happened in her life while I was away (she's an amazing storyteller), and have a luscious, restorative dinner with my family.

It's Saturday and the sun is shining. Last week was a long haul in two states, twelve schools, one library, several dinners, all laced with an amazing mix of wonderful people and places. Good work, much fun, and now... total exhaustion. Soon I will be rested enough to tell you about it.

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