best laid plans: snow day!

So I guess I shouldn't brag "just watch me!" like I did yesterday. I woke up this morning in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to a snow day. No school.
So what happens next? The author has flown in from Atlanta, nine schools and one public library system are prepared and ready for that author, and all systems (but the weather) are go. More snow is expected this afternoon. Like a snag in a sweater, or maybe dropped stitches is a better metaphor, we're left with an incomplete program, even if we could do the next two days. And it's too hard to wedge today into tomorrow or add on a day -- schools' schedules have been set for months. So, we're working it out. Bless your heart, Kay Taylor -- all that massive organizational work, done in by a snowstorm! -- and thanks for the early morning call asking after me. I'm cozy and warm, tucked up at this bed and breakfast with Pat and her husband to tell me stories (and boy, some of them are doozies). You take care of your peeps and figure out how you want to proceed, and I'll get on the phone to Delta to see what my options are.
We'll reschedule, that's what we'll do. All is well. All is well. Why, I just saw a sand truck go by. And, honey... I've got me some delicious new stories to tell!


  1. Oh My - that is a librarians/ program coordinators WORST nightmare! Enjoy the snow (it DOES look beautiful) and I hope it all works out!

  2. Thanks, Kathy. I'm in the Memphis airport now, and my flight home is boarding. All is well.


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