I wanted to find out if it's really the best coffee in Memphis....
It's great coffee. And look at the bonus waiting for me on this table. I confess, I didn't even thumb through it. I've been chillin' for an hour --

Full week! Ping-ponging between Jonesboro, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee, doing scheduled schools and making up snow days, piecemeal. I rented a car. Found my way to the hip Cooper-Young neighborhood in Memphis, where I sit now at Java Cabana, catching my breath and checking in, before meeting Hernando librarian friends for supper, just around the corner.

Then back to Jonesboro, for a final make-up day tomorrow (then back to the Memphis airport, to fly home!). Fabulous schools, wonderful teachers, and new friends -- what could be better? I'll post photos after I'm home.

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