the glam of publicity, oy vey

Did I mention the camera crew that came to the house on Friday? Ahem...
Lights, camera, action! And... all about Countdown, coming soon. I wrote my editor, after it was over, and told him that I did my best, had fun, and didn't look at all like myself, which will come in handy should I ever need to enter the Witness Protection Program.

I loved Eve, Eric, and Bob. Tall Eric told jokes and tempered the very-capable Bob, who kept everyone in line like Patton commanding Third Army. It was all a bit breathless, what with moving my stool an inch to the right, left, forward, back, seventeen thousand times, knocking over the light twice, replacing batteries in the audio, repositioning cameras several more times, and always a joke, then an order, to go with every move. And lots of laughter from all of us.

Then there was Eve, a calm breath of fresh air with soft brushes, a real artist. I miss her.

By the time we actually got to the questions (which I had received beforehand), I was in an altered state, but I did my best, especially for someone who talks with her hands and wasn't allowed to use them!

After it was all over, I put on my familiar red glasses and my old orange shirt. Hannah shot some photos. Here's the new one for my website, which is being redesigned and where you'll soon find this photo:
Oy, vey. It has been almost ten years since I had a publicity photo taken. I've rather liked the old one and wanted to hang onto it, but I've had so many requests for a CURRENT photo (which makes me realize how much has changed, le sigh), that I have obliged. Thanks to Eve for making me look not a day over 56.

I'm in Auburn, Alabama this morning, where I'll be working in schools for the next two days. More new faces, more new friends (who feel like old friends, as we've discussed how to work these four schools in two days). Spring is here!

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