time to remember...

March/April and October/November are the busiest travel times of the year for a working writer who teaches personal narrative writing in schools. I was in Knoxville and Oak Ridge, Tennessee last week, and am heading to Mississippi tomorrow.

More on my wonderful Tennessee friends soon. What I want to remember today, because it's easy to forget it while in the midst of the swirl, is all the life that's being led in between travels.
Friends visit, birthdays are celebrated, wandering is accomplished, music is made, chocolate is consumed, tables are set, and life is good... on the road and off.

More from Mississippi....


  1. Are those LIMA BEANS? Oh, you are a true Southern gal.

    I always think of you when I travel to schools. You are such a road-warrior. I want to be your soul sister!

  2. I do believe we ARE soul sisters, and yes, those are lima beans! Hang in there this spring, and I will, too. It's good work, eh? I feel lucky to have it. xo

  3. Butter beans, ladies? A true southerner should know this... Brown butter beans. I'd never heard of lima beans till I married a Yankee...
    But the picture looks delish!

  4. Butter beans! I remember butter beans. These are limas, however. They'll have to do. :>


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