jazz jam as novel in progress

Once a month, at Irene and David's, a kind of free-for-all: Characters ebb and flow throughout the afternoon. Tunes come and go.
Exposition is woven in.Surprising connections are discovered.Sometimes, even brand-new characters.Or a whole-new subplot.A left turn is tossed in.A tough patch is negotiated.The plot thickens...
Understory is revealed.
Attention to detail is called for.
And something unique is created that never would have existed without all these elements working in concert... ...sort of like writing a novel.

I'm in the free-for-all stage with book two of the sixties trilogy. I'm writing away in 1966, mostly in my head this week, pining away for actual page-time, as I am home this week, but dealing with all the administrivia that spring brings, along with the very-fun things that are happening with Countdown.

Some things are scary for me (the plot thickens). For instance, a camera crew arrives here in an hour. We're doing an author video for Scholastic. Talk about free-for-all. Let me at least go put on my face! How's my hair? :>

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