tired but happy

Me 'n James Ransome, at the tail end of the day, having finished up a great good day's work in Columbia, South Carolina, at the S.C. Young Writers' Conference. Look at our eyes! We're tired, but we're happy.
Thanks so much to Tricia Huff and her committee for inviting me to participate in this fabulous conference they offer each year to young writers in South Carolina. It was good to see my buds, too: James, Joan Stevenson, and Kaye and Faye Johnston. One of the lovely things about conferences is catching up with friends.
I'm not going to tell you about leaving home at 4am to drive to Columbia on Friday, getting just past Augusta and re-routing around an overturned tractor trailer that closed Interstate 20 (librarian Diane Geddings' husband is an ocean of calm and had a good map), getting to school 45 mins. late and finding (an equally steady) Diane ready to punt with me and make the morning a good one.

I'm not going to tell you about the face plant into my pillow that afternoon, where I slept the sleep of the dead before the conference dinner that evening. There was drool involved.
But I will tell you that I had a great time at Dutch Fork Elementary School on Friday, and a wonderful conference on Saturday with 550 third-through-eighth-graders and their chaperones, lots of notebooks, and story upon story. Sold out of every book in the bookstore that had my name on it... loved that signing line of dedicated young writers. Here's one:
I'm at the Panera Bread in Augusta, Georgia right now, about to get back on the road after a bit of supper. I'll be home later tonight. And I'll stay put for a week, before a week in Knoxville, Tennessee. Whew. Spring has indeed sprung. It's all good.

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