celebrating countdown

At IRA in Chicago:

John Mason, Director, Library & Educational Marketing at Scholastic. Big kiss, John.

Left, Robin Hoffman. Right, Andrea Davis Pinckney. Admiration all around.

Me 'n Robin again. Just 'cause. Love. That's Ashley Bryan behind us, and Jacky Harper (double love), one Scholastic Convention Goddess....
I finally got to meet Lizette Serrano, another Scholastic Convention Goddess... (more love, all around....)

Yesterday was like an action movie, as I sprinted from a reading to a signing, to a symposium I was part of, then dashed to a meeting, and on to dinner and good conversation.

In contrast, I'm having a Zen afternoon today, my last day in Chicago.  But Zen or ACTION~! -- it's all good.

Tomorrow in the wee hours, I fly to New York City. I'll have lunch with the Countdown team -- I'm so excited about this.  These are the Scholastic folks I feel I know intimately, after working with them the past two years on this book, but I have never met them (save my editor).

Then, a meet and greet at Scholastic's offices...  and a surprise, which I'll tell you about tomorrow.

We're celebrating!

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