looking up

That's what I'm doin' as I head into the last week of April. I'll be home late on May 1. If you're coming to IRA in Chicago, I'm signing Countdown at the Scholastic booth (#1225) on Tuesday, April 27 at 11:30am -- come say hey!

I'm also signing Saturday, May 1 at Books of Wonder in NYC at noon. May 1 is the official release day for Countdown -- if you're in NYC on May 1, I hope you'll come out and celebrate with me!!  

A new book and a new decade deserve a new website design. Allison Adams has worked wonders with deborahwiles.com -- see for yourself.  I'm still working on copy, but the design is all there, and how I love it. We're continuing it here on the blog, so come on over and take a look and tell us what you think.
 I seem to have a thing for chickens. Must be Ruby Lavender's influence. At any rate, I promise, no live chickens at signing events... but I may have to bring along my collection of 45s....

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