coming into chicago

So we took the "L" from Midway to our hotel downtown. Intrepid us! Not only did we ride the "L", we then rode the #3 bus on Michigan Ave., to our destination. We got on going the wrong way. We got off. We got on going the right way.

Bus driver, as I stuck my ticket into the kiosk and it read "invalid":
 "You just rode this bus, going the other way!"
Me: "I know! We 're lost!"
Jim: "We can pay again, no problem."
Bus driver, shaking his head: "Just sit down and don't do it again!"

Hahahahaha. So we sat down, and, between the bus driver and kind people of Chicago, we found our way to the Sheraton, walking through NBC park, and past the Chicago Tribune building,

So we came in on the "L". We're having a wonderful time. Dinner last night with Scholastic, at the top of the John Hancock Building -- what a view! I wish I'd thought to bring my camera. Lisa Yee brought hers. I now have officially had my picture taken with Peepy! I hope it will be up on Lisa's blog soon.

I'm dashing to a reading at 11:20 and a signing at the Scholastic booth at 11:30... if you're here, come see me!

Love from Chicago --

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