one day home

On my one day home this week:

-- I ate comfort food: a huge plate full of scrambled eggs with spinach, and some romaine with blue cheese dressing.

-- Jim and I signed our wills at the attorney's office. We've been married for almost three years; it's time. I think this marriage thing is gonna take.  :>

-- Sent in my estimated first-quarter taxes and paid bills.

-- Took a long soak in a deep tub.

-- Caught up with family... big changes afoot here, all good. Had dinner out with my daughter.

-- Watered the garden and breathed long and deep all the while.

 -- and other stuff.

Jim and Hannah taped me reading "In Flanders Fields" for National Poetry Month, and for Bound To Be Read Books in East Atlanta Village. It's coming your way, Jef, as soon as Jim figures out how to send the file. I wasn't wearing makeup. I hope it's not too scary. I don't know if I remembered to smile.

Still - thanks for the opportunity. "In Flanders Fields" appears in Countdown, so I took a chance to promote the book AND National Poetry Month (AND Bound To Be Read -- check them out!)

And now I am in the air again... literally. I'm trying GoGo Inflight on my Airtran flight to Washington, D.C., where I'll visit with family, attend the Children's Book Guild Nonfiction Award event (and you can, too -- here's how!), and work in schools early next week, before heading home again.

I'm so looking forward to meeting Sy Montgomery on Saturday (the Guild's Nonfiction Award winner!). Talk about STORIES. I've interviewed Sy, and this woman is an extraordinary storyteller -- if you are near the D.C. area on Saturday, you must try to make time to come to the National Geographic Auditorium at 1600 M Street, NW, 2:00pm, to hear Sy speak, and to hang out with the members of the Children's Book Guild of Washington, D.C. I'm a member, and I'll be there with bells on.

Landing!  Here we go...


  1. Sorry we didn't connect yesterday, but boy howdy, it sounds like you're having an awesome trip!

  2. I shall wait with breathless anticipation.

    If Jim has trouble figuring it out, just call me, which is no reflection on Jim's IQ.

  3. Sharon! Just found your note! Love it! Thanks. :>

    Jef, I want to redo my poem (you don't wanna know), so I'll hand deliver it over the weekend (she says, with hope). This, too, is no reflection on Jim's IQ. hee.

    Talk soon, Melodye.


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