lamoni, iowa

Since I chronicled what I left behind yesterday, I want to show you what I came to. I never would have known about Lamoni, Iowa, if I hadn't been hired to come and talk with teachers, work with students, and attend Graceland University's Young Writer's Conference.

I worked in two schools today with third through fifth graders, ate lunch at the Sale Barn, went to an Amish farm to buy candles and preserves, and took a walk with my camera. Didn't write. Decided that this experience was too rich to pass up -- can you just imagine the stories here? I know many of them already. What a privilege.

Dinner now, with teachers at Graceland. Tomorrow is the conference. Nothing but story, story, story. And then I'll be on my way home, my life enriched for having met the folks in Lamoni, and having been invited to share my story as well. 

Amazing how that works. It's everywhere. Story.

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