come to the water

These pastoral photos belie the activity going on here at the Siena Center in Racine, Wisconsin, on the shores of mammoth Lake Michigan this weekend. The Wisconsin chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators is holding their annual fall retreat here among this beauty, which includes the Dominican nuns who populate this convent.

We are surrounded by their presence as they go about their work and take care of us. It's a serene atmosphere punctuated with the sounds of writers at work, and speakers who have come to share their stories -- editors, agents, art directors, and writers, including one Atlanta author of a certain new book for young readers, Countdown.

Here's who I'm working with this weekend. Cool, eh? Between sessions and critiques and late night chats, I managed a walk to the lake with fellow Vermont alum and friend, Sheri Sinykin. This helps, too.

Thank you to Pam Beres for inviting me and making it possible for me to come, and a huge thank you, too, to these wonderful, *wonderful!* Wisconsin writers, who have made me feel so welcome. It is such a pleasure to be with you.

Tomorrow, Chicago. Sleep well, y'all.


  1. Beautiful photographs!
    Thank you so much for sharing your craft, your memories, your spirit, and your laugh.

  2. And thank YOU for such a fabulous weekend -- what a fantastic SCBWI chapter. I felt surrounded by good friends. Good friends with good stories! xo


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