day two in san francisco

 Day two found us at Montclaire Elementary School in Los Altos.
I *loved* seeing all these bicycles!
 Loved these students, too. We had an intimate time discussing Countdown, before I was whisked away to another teacher appreciation event, this one at the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. I didn't get a photo of librarian Deborah Fryer, but trust me, she was wonderful, and had prepared her students for my visit. We laughed and told stories, and signed some books, then I was on my way.
 After the afternoon teacher appreciation event, I was squired by my friend Kathy to Hicklebees, where I got to be hand sold some books for my new grandbaby -- she'll be born in March or April, and I'm already starting her library... lessee, what did I get? I'll do a separate baby-library post when I'm not so brain dead, and then I'll remember.

It was so much fun to visit "my plaque" on the wall at Hicklebees again. In 2005, Each Little Bird That Sings was honored by Hicklebees as their Book of the Year. I hadn't been to Hicklebees, or seen Valerie, since the 2007 All-Stars tour, and it was so good to catch up.

  Girlfriends go to dinner and take their own picture. Highly recommended (dinner and self-portraits).
 Girlfriends pour over Kathy's collection of old cookbooks. You just knew I'd love these, didn't you? Well, Kathy sure did. And I do. 
 The artwork in some of these is exquisite, the recipes divine... and the stories! The stories are the best. Stories of home and family and kinship and connection... le sigh. I swear, I keep saying I'm going to write The Aurora County Cookbook and tell more fabulous tales by Miss Eula, Ruby, Melba Jane, Comfort, Great-great Aunt Florentine, Uncle Edisto, House, Cleebo, Honey Jackson, and more. I should do it. Yes? Wouldn't it be amazing if Dismay could make an appearance?

 You would think that was more than enough for one day, but no. It's so rare I get to see my friend Walter Mayes. He wasn't free the nights I was in San Francisco, so Kathy and I drove to see him in rehearsals for Godspell at the Sunnyvale Theater in Sunnyvale. (Bless your heart, Kathy.) This is going to be a terrific show, y'all. This is a great cast -- the singing and dancing are spectacular. The director's okay, too. :>

  Godspell at the Sunnyvale Theater in Sunnyvale, California. The show opens October 29 and runs through November 21. Performance dates are listed here. Prepare Ye!

My great thanks to Scholastic Book Fairs for bringing me to San Francisco and hosting me all around the Bay. Thanks to new friends and old. Thanks for being a part of my life. I love the history we make together. 

And now... Wisconsin. I had four days home between San Francisco and this trip. Next I'll show you how I spent them.

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