all in a day

No, really. I'm serious. All in one day. Outside Chicago, in Lamont schools, and then in Skokie, at National Louis University's CTCB -- Center for Teaching through Children's Books.
An amazing librarian and new friend, Donna Sifling.

These are photos of the set-up at the Center for Teaching through Children's Books at National Louis University. I didn't take photos of the lovely crowd we had, and it was a lovely crowd. Thank you all for coming out to the Center for Teaching through Children's Books, and thanks so much to Gail and Jody and Junko, and -- as always -- Robin Hoffman at Scholastic Book Fairs and the amazing Chicago team, for making this event possible.

And I must point out these cupcakes! Countdown cupcakes! Heavens to Murgatroyd!

It's Mr. Schu! He showed up early, and was #1 for the book signing line. We've been twitter friends, and now we are real-life friends. Thanks for coming, John.

One more Chicago day.  I crashed into bed last night and got six solid hours of sleep.

Boston tonight.  I'm good to go.


  1. you are one BUSY lady!!! I love the cupcakes and Mr. Schu was So excited to meet you - I kept telling him how FABULOUS you are :). Say hello to my hometown of Boston tonight - have some lobster or even better go to the North End to Mike's Pastry and have a canolli - the best you will ever have. Safe travels!


  2. Deborah,
    Thanks for posting the extreme close-up picture. :)

    -John (AKA Mr. Schu)

  3. Hahaha! Well, the extreme close-up was the one that came out best. Hope that's okay. Cool that you and Kathy know each other. (Hey, Kathy!)

    It meant a lot to me that you came, John. Thanks so much.


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