southern festival of books, nashville

I talked about Countdown today at Southern Festival of Books in Nashville. I was on a panel called "Ticking Time Bomb: Coming of Age during the Cuban Missile Crisis"l with  Ellen Wittlinger; both of us have written Cold War stories. Ellen's is This Means War!

I got to meet Ellen and her husband, daughter, and daughter in law. Got to hug Helen Hemphill, who introduced us and moderated. Likewise Ed Sullivan -- old home week, that's what it was, at Southern Festival of Books. Thanks so much for having me, y'all.


 I took these shots on my walk from the hotel to the War Memorial Plaza (and back), where the festival takes place. I've got my good camera with me on this trip, and it makes a huge difference in picture quality, doesn't it? I haven't used it for a month; I've missed it.

I've got so much catching up to do here... I'll try to do it soon, as I head home tomorrow and have FOUR WHOLE DAYS HOME before the next travel. Four whole days. I'll take 'em.

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