no more excuses

Ha! On the road in Scottsboro, Alabama. Good writing prompt! Cool.

But  not as cool as Reverend Stud!
Or maybe it's a study of Revelations... think?

At any rate, no more excuses. Here's the beginning of a catch up. Mostly photos. Get ready!

Sept. 28 and 29, Scholastic Book Fairs, Alabama Library Expo, Scottsboro, Alabama:

Part of the creative chaos of doing good work at the Alabama Library Expo in Scottsboro:

Part of the tired team, at the end of four travel days (Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, Scottsboro), taking a breather before the last push to... I forget where. I went home from here, and was glad to have been part of the hard work in Birmingham and Scottsboro. Good people. Good work. Good times. Thanks so much, Fairs friends, for hosting me. I am in awe of your talents and work ethic.

Next up: photos from The Langley School, Scholastic San Francisco, SIBA, and home. Whew! What a fall. I'll post these pictures, as much for myself, so I can remember, as anything, and I'll catch you up on the new novel as well. I've been home two days. Two days more before the next travel. I'm in the pink chair now, for long hours. Can't wait to share with you what I'm discovering about book two of the Sixties Trilogy.

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